Bag & Product Care


The great thing about owning a sailbag is that it likes water and responds favorably to being cleaned. Below are some tips on how to clean your sailbag(s).

Cleaning agents we recommend:

  • Blue DAWN dishwashing liquid.  If it’s good enough to get oil out of birds and not harm them, well…you can feel confident using it on your sailbag.
  • Mild bleach bath or OxyClean to soak your bag if it’s seen a bit of the dusty trail and needs a deeper cleaning..
  • Any laundry detergent works well too.

To clean your bag:

  • For the smaller styles of bags (aka: non-tote or messenger style bags) – simply empty out the contents and spot treat if necessary and throw into a regular laundry load.
  • Warm water or cold (I prefer warm myself).
  • Hang to dry
  • For the tote bags (any style), messenger bags and duffels:  Spot treat if necessary. All materials are bleach color safe, so if you find you need to give it a good soak after a season of use – either fill up your washing machine, sink or tub to the right level and soak in a MILD bleach bath or use OxyClean.
  • Wash on delicate (I prefer warm water, but cold works too.)
  • Hang to dry. For Stowaway bags – cinch up the spinnaker drawstring and hang from the drawstring cord. For all bags, you’ll likely have to fluff them a bit back into shape after the spin cycle.